A French Cidre With a Rich History

A French Cidre With a Rich History

When you hold a glass of Romilly Cidre in your hand, you're not just sipping on a beverage; you're tasting history. With roots dating back to the 9th century under the order of Emperor Charlemagne, Romilly Cidre has an intriguing and rich history. From the fog-shrouded cliffs of Normandie to the battlefields of D-Day, Romilly Cidre has played a significant role in the culture and heritage of this picturesque region. In this blog post, we'll explore the fascinating journey of Romilly Cidre, from its ancient origins to its modern-day popularity in America.

The Emperor's Orchard:

The story of Romilly Cidre begins with the vision of Emperor Charlemagne in the 9th century. Recognizing the fertile land and ideal climate of what would later become Normandy, he ordered the farmers to plant apple orchards throughout the region. Among these orchards was the Romilly farm, which became the cradle of a thousand-year-old tradition of producing artisanal ciders.

A Fine Artisanal Tradition:

Romilly Cidre stands out as a masterpiece of the cidermaker's art. Crafted with the complexity of a fine Bordeaux wine, the elegance of champagne, and the refreshing qualities of beer, Romilly Cidre is a true testament to French craftsmanship. The cidre is made from 25 varieties of heritage apples, cultivated using ancient farming methods and fine French culinary techniques.

What sets Romilly Cidre apart is its commitment to purity. This hand-crafted cidre contains no additives, not even water, and relies on the gentle effervescence of wild Norman yeasts and skilled aging. The result is a beverage of unsurpassed quality, reflecting the same standards of excellence found in the finest wineries and cidreries in France.

From Normandie to America:

Romilly Cidre has now crossed the Atlantic to bring its rich history and exceptional taste to America. The Romilly Farm, located near Omaha Beach in Isigny-Sur-Mer, Normandy, France, continues to produce the apples exclusively used in making their cidres. With five distinct varieties—Sweet, Half-dry, Dry, Extra Dry, and Rosé—Romilly Cidre offers a range of flavors that cater to diverse preferences.

Romilly Cidre is truly a champion in the world of cider. It has set records in major competitions and gained enthusiastic support from prestigious accounts and chefs such as Thomas Keller, Michael Solomonov, Gramercy Tavern, The Embassy of France, and even the United Nations Headquarters. Its presence can be felt in hundreds of on and off-premise accounts in New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania.


Romilly Cidre is more than just a beverage; it's a testament to centuries of tradition and craftsmanship. From its origins under the decree of Emperor Charlemagne to its involvement in the Battle of D-Day, Romilly Cidre has a history as rich and varied as its flavors. Today, as it continues to captivate the palates of consumers and chefs alike, Romilly Cidre stands as a symbol of the enduring legacy of French cider-making and a bridge between two continents, connecting the shores of Normandy to the taste buds of America. So, the next time you raise a glass of Romilly Cidre, remember that you're not just drinking history; you're savoring it. Cheers to the timeless tradition of Romilly Cidre!


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