French Cidres

Handcrafted French Cidres from Normandy, France.

Award-Winning Natural Artisanal Cidres from Normandy

Indulge yourself in the championship cidres from the renowned Romilly Farm in Normandie, France. This extraordinary line of cidres adheres to the same standards of excellence as the finest wineries and cidreries in France. Handcrafted using only biodynamically grown apples and champagne yeasts, they offer a complex and flavorful profile that beautifully showcases the earthy undertones. Elegant and delicious on their own, these drinks effortlessly pair with a variety of foods and serve as inspiration for new cocktail creations.

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Extra-Dry (Extra-Brut) Cidre - 750ml

This is a dry cidre with a hint of sweetness. Although you might not expect fruit in the nose or taste, it preserves a subtle apple aroma and a distinct apple finish. It is versatile in both cooking and drinking (easily pairs with many foods). This style is a favorite in France where dry Cidres tend to be preferred.

Dry (Brut) Cidre - 750ml

This structured Dry Cidre will delight those whose palates crave a dry, refreshing but thought-provoking cidre. The bouquet powerfully features fragrances of the orchard ripe at harvest which yields to flavors of dirt, hay, leather, and wild yeasts. The cidre transforms in the palate from the initial taste to the mid-palate to a complex finish.

Rosé Cidre - 750ml

Our Rose Cidre is slightly sweet making it versatile and elegant. It has a wonderful apple flavor without the earthiness of the Demi-sec and the Brut. It drinks easily. Good looks and wonderful flavor in one cidre. This is a marvelous selection for events, receptions, and celebrations.

Half Dry (Demi-Sec) Cidre - 750ml

This half-dry cidre strikes a gorgeous balance between the playful sweetness of Norman heritage apples and the complex finish of a drier cidre, this cidre will please almost every palate seeking depth of flavor and refreshment.  So versatile you can play with food pairings without risk of making a mistake.

Sweet (Doux) Cidre - 750ml

This layered Sweet Cidre features a moderately sweet balance by highlighting the round, full fragrance and flavor of apples.  It reflects the complexity of the Normandie terroir and tastes of apples, hay, cheese and earth. 

100% Normandy Heirloom Apples

All Natural Cidre

No Water Or Sugar Added

No Carbonation Added

Organic, Gluten Free & Vegan Friendly