Our Story

A French Normandy Farm Handcrafting Epic Cidre

Welcome to Romilly Cidre, where tradition meets craftsmanship in the heart of Normandy, France. Our story is rooted in the rich history of apple orchards, dating back to the 9th century when Emperor Charlemagne commanded the farmers of France to plant apple orchards in what would soon become the beautiful region of Normandy.

The Romilly farm was founded during this time, and thus began a thousand-year tradition of producing artisanal ciders that have captivated palates around the world. Our ciders are a testament to the artistry of the cidermaker, combining the complexity of a fine Bordeaux, the elegance of champagne, and the refreshing qualities of beer.

Heritage and Craftsmanship

At Romilly Cidre, we take pride in preserving our heritage and employing ancient farming methods that have been perfected over centuries. We rely on a carefully curated selection of 32 heritage apple varieties, ensuring that each cider we produce embodies the essence of Normandy's orchards.

Our commitment to excellence extends to every step of the cidermaking process. We utilize fine French culinary techniques, resulting in a cidre that is a true masterpiece of the cidermaker's art. What sets Romilly Cidre apart is our dedication to crafting cidre without additives, not even water, allowing the true flavors of the apples to shine.

Nature's Alchemy

Our ciders come to life through a gentle effervescence, driven by wild Norman yeasts and expert aging. This natural approach ensures that each sip of Romilly Cidre is a journey through the orchards and traditions of Normandy.

We are proud to bring this taste of history and craftsmanship from the fog-shrouded cliffs of the Normandie coast to America. With every sip, you are not just enjoying a beverage; you are drinking history.

Join Us in the Romilly Experience

Romilly Cidre is more than just a drink; it's a journey through time and tradition. We invite you to explore the world of Romilly Cidre, where every bottle tells a story of a thousand years of cidermaking expertise.

Stay tuned as we continue to craft and innovate, bringing you the finest in artisanal apple ciders. Romilly Cidre is a commitment to quality, and we are excited to share our passion with you.

Cheers to History, Tradition, and Excellence!

Drink History!