Limited Edition French Cidres

Handcrafted French Ciders from Normandy, France.

Romilly Cidre French Ciders

By order of Emperor Charlemagne, the farmers of 9th century France planted apple orchards throughout what was soon to become Normandy. The Romilly farm was then founded and began a thousand year tradition of producing artisanal ciders with the complexity of a fine Bordeaux, the elegance of champagne and the refreshment of a beer.  Relying on 25 varieties of heritage apples, ancient farming methods and fine French culinary techniques, the cidre you hold in your hands is a masterpiece of the cidermakers’ art.  This is true hand-crafted cidre without additives (not even water!) gently effervescent from wild Norman yeasts and skilled aging.  We are proud to bring it from the fog-shrouded cliffs of the Normandie coast to America.  Drink history!

Rose French Cidre

Our Rose Cidre is slightly sweet making it versatile and elegant.  It has a wonderful apple flavor without the earthiness of of the Demi-sec and the Brut.  It drinks easily.  Good looks and wonderful flavor in one cidre.  This is a marvelous selection for events, receptions and celebrations.

Extra-Dry French Cidre

This is a dry cidre with a hint of sweetness. Although you might not expect fruit in the nose or taste, it preserves a subtle apple aroma and a distinct apple finish.  It is versatile in both cooking (mussels and poached salmon) and drinking (easily pairs with many foods).  This style is a favorite in France where dry cidres tend to be preferred.