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This layered Sweet Cidre features a moderately sweet balance by highlighting the round, full fragrance and flavor of apples.  It reflects the complexity of the Normandie terroir and tastes of apples, hay, cheese and earth.  Pairs with cheeses, baguette and Foie Gras to extraordinary effect


This half-dry cidre strikes a gorgeous balance between the playful sweetness of Norman heritage apples and the complex finish of a drier cidre, this cidre will please almost every palate seeking depth of flavor and refreshment.  So versatile you can play with food pairings without risk of making a mistake.


This structured Dry Cidre will delight those whose palates crave a dry, refreshing but thought-provoking cidre.  The bouquet powerfully features fragrances of the orchard ripe at harvest which yields to flavors of dirt, hay, leather and wild yeasts.  The cidre transforms in the palate from initial taste  to the mid-palate to a complex finish.  Pairs with fish, veal and vegetables like they were meant to be together.