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A French Cider with Centuries of Tradition

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Our History: The Legacy of the Dupont Family

A Tradition Spanning Over Three Centuries

The history of the Dupont Family in the Pays d'Auge region of Normandy is a testament to our enduring commitment to the art of cider making. Our story begins with the birth of Pierre Dupont in the year 1703, marking the humble origins of a legacy that would thrive for generations to come.

GALIPETTE: The Fruit of Centuries-Old Craftsmanship

GALIPETTE proudly represents a rich tradition of French cider making. Our apple cooperative stands as the oldest of its kind in France, uniting hundreds of apple growers from across Brittany and Normandy. These dedicated members share a profound passion for their craft and a deep-rooted love for their terroir—values passed down through their families for generations.

A Thousand-Year-Old Tradition: Cider Apples from Family Orchards

In the heart of Normandy, where apple growing has flourished for more than a millennium, our orchards host a diverse array of cider apple varieties, each carefully cultivated for the sole purpose of crafting exceptional cider. Founded in 1946 in Auvers, Maison Hérout emerged as a pioneer in the realm of organic cider production, transitioning to a 100% organic orchard in the 1970s, all while ardently preserving traditional expertise. Every drop of Maison Hérout cider is made from 100% pure juice and remains unpasteurized, a testament to our unwavering commitment to quality.

The Dupont Family's Journey: A Legacy of Dedication

The Dupont family's association with La Vigannerie estate traces back to 1887 when Jules Dupont arrived as a tenant farmer. Alongside his cattle raising activities, he produced cider and calvados, using his sales to eventually purchase La Vigannerie in 1916.

Jules's legacy was continued by his son, Louis Dupont, in 1934, who carried on the tradition of cattle raising and bulk calvados production. In 1974, when Louis passed away, his wife Colette, supported by the family, courageously took up the mantle.

Etienne Dupont: A New Chapter Begins

In 1980, a pivotal moment occurred when Etienne Dupont assumed leadership of the family estate, succeeding his father, Louis. Etienne's vision was to expand the estate, focusing on cider and calvados production. The existing orchards were rejuvenated, and an additional ten hectares (24 acres) were dedicated to low-growing apple trees. Etienne furthered his expertise by immersing himself in the finest techniques of double distillation during a visit to Cognac. Notably, Etienne Dupont played a pivotal role in the creation of the prestigious appellation contrôlée A.O.C. Pays d'Auge.

A Modern Era: Jerome Dupont and Beyond

In 2002, the family legacy was entrusted to Etienne's son, Jerome Dupont, who became the director of the family estate in partnership with his sister, Anne-Pamy Dupont. This new generation brought modernization to the estate while maintaining an unwavering focus on quality and innovation.

Tragically, Jerome Dupont's untimely passing in August 2018 marked a somber moment in our history, but his vision and dedication continue to inspire us to this day.

As we look to the future, we remain committed to upholding the Dupont family legacy, producing the finest ciders and calvados rooted in centuries of tradition, and continually striving for excellence in every bottle

A Farm With History

By order of Emperor Charlemagne, the farmers of 9th century France planted apple orchards throughout what was soon to become Normandy. The Romilly farm was then founded and began a thousand year tradition of producing artisanal ciders with the complexity of a fine Bordeaux, the elegance of champagne and the refreshment of a beer.  Relying on 25 varieties of heritage apples, ancient farming methods and fine French culinary techniques, the cidre you hold in your hands is a masterpiece of the cidermakers’ art.  This is true hand-crafted cidre without additives (not even water!) gently effervescent from wild Norman yeasts and skilled aging.  We are proud to bring it from the fog-shrouded cliffs of the Normandie coast to America.  Drink history!

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