Jams & Confit

A Remarkable Gift for Yourself or Someone Special

Romilly Cidre Jams & Confit

Confit De Cidre

 The Romilly Cidres have set competition records in their first year in the United States. The Renaud family produces a dry cidre cuvée especially to make theConfit. This cidre is complex and layered, smoky with notes of oak and caramel. It is ideal for the Confit. TheConfitis made by patiently reducing this cidre and sugar in traditional copper pots for eight hours. The result is an elegant, golden liquid which flows like honey and scented delightfully of dense apple orchard with a pleasing funkiness. It enhances savory dishes, cheeses, desserts and cocktails. Theconfitis a unique culinary continent waiting to be explored.  13oz.

Jams au Pommeau

 Using techniques of traditional Frenchconfitureand family secrets developed over three generations, the Renaud family produces all of their jams, by hand, from rare ingredients. The magic in the Fruit Jams is certainly their Pommeau liquor. Romilly Pommeau is crafted on the estate each fall from apple must (crushed, whole, bittersweet apples) blended with two-year-old Romilly Calvados (apple brandy). The new Pommeau develops complexity and depth as it ages for eighteen months before it is used to produce the jams. After aging, the Pommeau is combined with fruit in traditional copper pots and simmered by hand for four hours until the consistency is perfect. The alcohol burns off during cooking resulting in distinct and deep fruit flavors.  13oz.